Red Couch, Common Grounds

Thanks to Chip and Joanna Gaines for sponsoring this nap! Couldn’t have done it without y’all! Looking forward to family dinner when I’m back in Waco and a nap on your couch!


OK. This is the first time I’ve taken a nap on a couch while another person is sitting on it. I thought it was time to step up my game.IMG_4333.jpg

Honestly I only just fell asleep and then she left, probably because of me, but that’s ok. The infamous red couch at Common Grounds needed to be reviewed and rated… so I came, I napped, and I conquered.


Apparently I got many a weird look during this nap. Haters gonna hate but I’m THRIVING. Let’s recreate the scene, shall we? There were the classic coffee shop vibes- alternative music, the sound of coffee paraphernalia being power washed, the smell of lattes and hipsters, and the sight of aesthetically pleasing coffee cup instagram posts. All of this equalled a perfect napping opportunity that I, as an avid public napper, could not pass up.


I feel like a food critic where my review will make or break the establishment so, Common Grounds, here are my thoughts and feelings on this 24 minute power nap:

  • Overall Comfiness: 9/10 (everything was good, the couch was comfy but you didn’t sink into it. i don’t even care how old that couch was.)
  • Cushion Quality: 8/10 (soft cushions that beg you to come take a nap, however, the arms of the couch were not super padded, but hey nobody’s perfect. this is why i often take my own pillow)
  • Atmosphere of the Room: 10/10 (what more could you want than the smell of coffee, the soft bustle of people, and some quiet tunes to send you off into the dreamworld?)
  • The “it” Factor: oh yes. this it factor goes out to the lady i took a nap next to before she left. hope your day was great my friend!!!!
  • Pillows: 7/10 (the one pillow was good for my feet, i felt a little apprehensive about putting it under my head because i didn’t want my hair to smell like coffee???)
  • Width: 7/10 (ok i was curled up but i feel like it could be just a tad bit wider)
  • Quality of the Nap: 9/10 (i slept like an real life adult who works 3 jobs and has a hefty mortgage payment)
  • Further Recommendations: free coffee to couch critics.

Final Thoughts: Common Grounds, you were a great nap and the perfect place to escape class. Baylor students, please take full advantage of this. S/O to Kody the barista for being on board with my public napping.


Garage Sale Couch, Waco Style

Well, this is a new one for me. Buckle up, I’m about to land this plane.


The classic Saturday garage sale shenanigans were taking place when my eyes found a beautiful piece of art sometimes referred to as a couch. IMG_4787.jpg

Honestly, if I had that $150, I would have purchased this couch and found some way to put in in my apartment back in Fayetteville. It’s majestic.


Let’s talk atmosphere.IMG_4788.jpg

So obviously I was not alone at said garage sale, and it took my public relaxation skills to a whole new level. As said in my previous post, you just have to have absolutely no shame. My life equation: No shame=lots of gain


Here are all my thoughts and feelings:

  • Overall Comfiness: 9.7/10 (this couch challenges the comfort of the honors college lounge and that’s saying something)
  • Cushion Quality: 10/10 (so comfy and a fun pattern, is there anything more you could ask for??????)
  • Atmosphere: 7/10 (honestly i give this a 7 not because of the extremely public nature of it but because the weather wasn’t great, and SO I RATE THE LITERAL ATMOSPHERE. Kinda humid, just a weird weather day)
  • The ‘it’ Factor: oh the it factor was definitely the carpet cleaner i was next to. i don’t even think i need to explain that further
  • Width: 8/10 (every couch can be a little bit wider and i hope whoever bought this has many a great nap on it)
  • Further Recommendations: i personally enjoy having a blanket with me so maybe in the future include a blanket just for show but also for people like me who want to test out the couch before buying it. also a movie to watch would be cool.


How To Be A Public Napper, Pictures Included

Here’s a quick, fun story: My friend called me on the phone and asked if I was walking on the side of the road (I like to walk places because I’m trying my best to help a sista out, that sister being the earth), and I was not. She proceeded to tell me there was someone walking that looked exactly like me, wearing fun pants, a Hawaiian shirt, and a baseball cap. She then made the connection that it was not me, but a homeless MAN… “I mean I know it’s a homeless guy but WOW y’all look alike”.

the end.

Quote of the week: “Maddie you’re such a public napper”

I’ve been asked by several people to give my tips, tricks, and secrets on how to successfully nap in public. Well here it is people, the single most important document needed for success in all spheres of life. If you want to radically improve at being a person, read on my friends, read on.

  1. It’s all about the attitude. I try to always have a demeanor that says, “wow what a great day for a nap” and, consequently, I take great naps. Taking a nap with a bad attitude is like trying to rollerblade and eat ice-cream at the same time: nothing good will come of it.IMG_3971.JPG

2. Throw your shame out the window. Y’all. Be unashamed in your naps, don’t worry          “oh is someone going to take a picture of me?!” (which honestly I feel is my ticket to becoming famous but we’ll see) “is someone going to steal these sunglasses OFF OF MY FACE?!”:) Nap with confidence, a confidence that comes from knowing you should be doing a multitude of other things, but here you sit about to take a nap. CUJwfPTVAAESVXg

3. I try to have some sort of blanket/sweatshirt with my when I take naps. Most people carry books and whatnot in their backpacks when on campus, but I carry napping paraphernalia. This allows for maximum comfort, minimum weight in the backpack, and the best napping experience possible. It doesn’t matter if you are waiting outside your professor’s office and decide he is taking too long so you buckle down for a nap in the meantime, or if you have been in the library for over 24 hours and treat yourself to a mid afternoon snooze, always come prepared to take a nap.

4. Lastly, bring headphones. This is ESSENTIAL if you are taking a nap and have a certain time frame in which to do it. Some people have told me, “Maddie I just can’t do it because I will miss my class”. Well 1) is that such a bad thing? What I do is set a timer/alarm, pop in the headphones and go to sleep. This allows for an alarm to go off without disturbing anyone else around me, hence polite public napping-yes, my parents raised me right.

(also ALWAYS dress to impress ^^)

The End. Happy finals week from someone who should be writing papers right about now.

Old Main, outside lawn, wooden bench

Today I did the unexpected. I took a nap. Surprise !!


Because the weather was so beautiful today, I made the executive decision to sit outside on a bench for a while, which ended up me lying down on the bench, which ended up with me taking a nap outside. Honestly S/O to Arkansas for this weather, except I went to the library around 1 o clock this morning to bust some hangs aka print off a Spanish review, and it started pouring rain so I ran back to my car and slipped and fell. So that happened.

Back to the important stuff: let me set the stage for this nap. I asked my professor’s opinion on whether I should go outside to conduct this valuable nap research or go upstairs to a new room to do my research. He said outside, so outside I went (honestly I think it’s pretty funny that a couple of my professors know about this and give me couch recommendations, I feel like I’m really succeeding at this whole college thing). I chit chatted a bit with a friend while sizing up the different benches on the lawn. I went to one in the shade of a pretty tree for a short but solid 22 minute snooze and these are my thoughts and feelings:

  • Overall Comfiness: 5/10 (i mean it’s a wooden bench and i forgot to bring my travel pillow)
  • Cushion Quality: NA (once again…wooden bench….)
  • Atmosphere of the Room aka the outdoors: 10/10 (beautiful weather and i felt like there weren’t a lot of people, probably because they were in class. the only downside was that there were lawnmowers going, but not enough of a downside to dock a point, ya feel?)
  • The “it” Factor: definitely the fact that at this time someone blew something up in the chemistry building so there were fire trucks close by. honestly, it didn’t really affect my nap but i thought i’d mention it anyways
  • Pillows: NA (unless you count happiness as a pillow, then 10/10)
  • Width: 7/10 (pretty narrow but not terrible)
  • Quality of the Nap: 8/10 (though not the most comfortable, the other factors resulted in a pretty solid nap)
  • Further Recommendations: a snack table. or a treehouse, either will do but both would be ideal.


Graduate Student Lounge

So, today’s couch review was in a room that I, as an undergraduate, am not technically allowed to be in. Let’s remember this and keep it on the down low, ok? Great. Well, I’m not gonna lie, I wish I was a graduate student because those couches are COMFY. Ya’ll. Seriously.


(i didn’t have a picture of the lounge so here’s me and my celebrity lookalike, George Clooney)

Here’s the story: obviously I had to be a little sneaky and walk into the lounge like I was a 22 year old graduate student and I have found that I accurately embody the idea of “fake it til you make it”. So I walked in and sat down on a chair, just to do a quick cushion test. Needless to say, I could probably take a good nap on the chair too. BUT, the couch was the goal, so I waited for this girl to leave (she gave me the ‘I know you’re not a graduate student’ look) and then I laid down on the couch and I immediately knew that this couch was GREAT. This nap lasted 43 beautiful minutes and here are my thoughts:

  • Overall Comfiness: 8/10
  • Cushion Quality: 7/10
  • Atmosphere of the Room: 6.5/10 (it felt a little bit like going out to eat with someone but you don’t know what to talk about so you just kind of sit in each other’s presence and mutually recognize that this is not an ideal situation)
  • The “it” Factor: mahogany. just mahogany.
  • Pillows: there were none :/ (i think I should stop putting this because THERE ARE NO PILLOWS AND I AM NOT OKAY)
  • Width: perfect for a nap, I guess every couch could be a little wider, but I didn’t fall off this one
  • Quality of the Nap: 8/10
  • Further Recommendations: kick the graduate students out and let me nap

Old Main, 5th Floor, in the hallway

For my second couch review, I chose to take a nap in Old Main, the oldest building on campus. Just a precursor, this nap kind of just happened, it wasn’t reallllyyyyy planned, but sometimes those are the best kinds of naps, right?32d5dd714cb7a45a660f8ef172e7a72a

OK, so first off, I had to walk up 5 FLIGHTS OF STAIRS in order to get to this couch, because I got kicked out of the room I was originally going to take a nap in. Now, I know I  could’ve taken the elevator, but then I would not have gotten the full experience of Old Main. So after I got asked to leave the other room, I walked down the hall and my eyes found a majestic couch, all by itself. I sat on this couch and then all of a sudden I had taken a 30 minute nap. Amidst my post-nap confusion (which is a REAL thing), I provide my fans with this review:

  • Overal Comfiness: 7/10
  • Cushion Quality: 7.5/10
  • Atmosphere of the Room: 8/10 (classic old main vibes)
  • The “it” Factor: secret stairwell (which I will explore) and nice plants on the side table
  • Pillows: there were none :/
  • Width: definitely should be a little wider, I almost fell off once
  • Quality of the Nap: 7.8/10
  • Further Recommendations: different couch pattern and no more musty smell (plz)

Gearhart Hall, 130, Honors College Lounge

For my first documented* couch review, I chose to take a nap in the Honors College Lounge, which has a truly phenomenal couch selection.1920px-Ozark_Hall_addition

I walked into the first floor lounge and saw an open couch towards my left along the back wall and knew immediately that that couch was for me. Tears welled up in my eyes as I thought about the beautiful nap that I was about to take, and I held back a laugh as I realized that I am the most ridiculous human being that I have ever met. I walked over to my soon-to-be favorite couch and took a flying leap onto the sofa, completely disregarding social norms concerning acceptable behavior in a study lounge.

Now, I generally try to take 30 minute to an hour naps on campus so that I can experience the fullness of a good nap and then provide an accurate review for all my friends and fans. I achieved this and took about a 47 minute nap, allowing me to give the following in depth review of this couch.

  • Overall Comfiness: 9/10
  • Cushion Quality: 10/10
  • Atmosphere of the Room: 6/10 (too quiet, too many honors students studying)
  • The “it” Factor: BEST CUSHIONS EVER
  • Pillows: there were none :/
  • Width: perfect for curling up with a good book
  • Quality of the Nap: 9/10
  • Further Recommendations: pillows AND a blanket



*Let it be known I have taken a LOT of naps on campus, but this is my first one where I rate the couch upon which I took the nap