What is this about?

Ahh, I see you’re wondering what all this is about…well, me too. I have decided to write a blog, WITH VIDEOS TOO, of my experiences napping on campus at the University of Arkansas on various couches. I will rate several things about the couch itself and provide further recommendations for you to have the best napping experience possible.

Honestly, this is about me pursuing something I am good at: napping. I have a very specific skill set and sometimes that means sacrificing attending class in order to review and rate the University’s couches. I feel like this is worthy of my time and effort, I mean I’m making a blog…

In conclusion, this is about whatever I want it to be about. I am also spending the night on campus in different buildings for a mockumentary that I am making, so some of those experiences might find their way onto this blog, you’re welcome.