Red Couch, Common Grounds

Thanks to Chip and Joanna Gaines for sponsoring this nap! Couldn’t have done it without y’all! Looking forward to family dinner when I’m back in Waco and a nap on your couch!


OK. This is the first time I’ve taken a nap on a couch while another person is sitting on it. I thought it was time to step up my game.IMG_4333.jpg

Honestly I only just fell asleep and then she left, probably because of me, but that’s ok. The infamous red couch at Common Grounds needed to be reviewed and rated… so I came, I napped, and I conquered.


Apparently I got many a weird look during this nap. Haters gonna hate but I’m THRIVING. Let’s recreate the scene, shall we? There were the classic coffee shop vibes- alternative music, the sound of coffee paraphernalia being power washed, the smell of lattes and hipsters, and the sight of aesthetically pleasing coffee cup instagram posts. All of this equalled a perfect napping opportunity that I, as an avid public napper, could not pass up.


I feel like a food critic where my review will make or break the establishment so, Common Grounds, here are my thoughts and feelings on this 24 minute power nap:

  • Overall Comfiness: 9/10 (everything was good, the couch was comfy but you didn’t sink into it. i don’t even care how old that couch was.)
  • Cushion Quality: 8/10 (soft cushions that beg you to come take a nap, however, the arms of the couch were not super padded, but hey nobody’s perfect. this is why i often take my own pillow)
  • Atmosphere of the Room: 10/10 (what more could you want than the smell of coffee, the soft bustle of people, and some quiet tunes to send you off into the dreamworld?)
  • The “it” Factor: oh yes. this it factor goes out to the lady i took a nap next to before she left. hope your day was great my friend!!!!
  • Pillows: 7/10 (the one pillow was good for my feet, i felt a little apprehensive about putting it under my head because i didn’t want my hair to smell like coffee???)
  • Width: 7/10 (ok i was curled up but i feel like it could be just a tad bit wider)
  • Quality of the Nap: 9/10 (i slept like an real life adult who works 3 jobs and has a hefty mortgage payment)
  • Further Recommendations: free coffee to couch critics.

Final Thoughts: Common Grounds, you were a great nap and the perfect place to escape class. Baylor students, please take full advantage of this. S/O to Kody the barista for being on board with my public napping.


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