How To Be A Public Napper, Pictures Included

Here’s a quick, fun story: My friend called me on the phone and asked if I was walking on the side of the road (I like to walk places because I’m trying my best to help a sista out, that sister being the earth), and I was not. She proceeded to tell me there was someone walking that looked exactly like me, wearing fun pants, a Hawaiian shirt, and a baseball cap. She then made the connection that it was not me, but a homeless MAN… “I mean I know it’s a homeless guy but WOW y’all look alike”.

the end.

Quote of the week: “Maddie you’re such a public napper”

I’ve been asked by several people to give my tips, tricks, and secrets on how to successfully nap in public. Well here it is people, the single most important document needed for success in all spheres of life. If you want to radically improve at being a person, read on my friends, read on.

  1. It’s all about the attitude. I try to always have a demeanor that says, “wow what a great day for a nap” and, consequently, I take great naps. Taking a nap with a bad attitude is like trying to rollerblade and eat ice-cream at the same time: nothing good will come of it.IMG_3971.JPG

2. Throw your shame out the window. Y’all. Be unashamed in your naps, don’t worry          “oh is someone going to take a picture of me?!” (which honestly I feel is my ticket to becoming famous but we’ll see) “is someone going to steal these sunglasses OFF OF MY FACE?!”:) Nap with confidence, a confidence that comes from knowing you should be doing a multitude of other things, but here you sit about to take a nap. CUJwfPTVAAESVXg

3. I try to have some sort of blanket/sweatshirt with my when I take naps. Most people carry books and whatnot in their backpacks when on campus, but I carry napping paraphernalia. This allows for maximum comfort, minimum weight in the backpack, and the best napping experience possible. It doesn’t matter if you are waiting outside your professor’s office and decide he is taking too long so you buckle down for a nap in the meantime, or if you have been in the library for over 24 hours and treat yourself to a mid afternoon snooze, always come prepared to take a nap.

4. Lastly, bring headphones. This is ESSENTIAL if you are taking a nap and have a certain time frame in which to do it. Some people have told me, “Maddie I just can’t do it because I will miss my class”. Well 1) is that such a bad thing? What I do is set a timer/alarm, pop in the headphones and go to sleep. This allows for an alarm to go off without disturbing anyone else around me, hence polite public napping-yes, my parents raised me right.

(also ALWAYS dress to impress ^^)

The End. Happy finals week from someone who should be writing papers right about now.


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