Old Main, outside lawn, wooden bench

Today I did the unexpected. I took a nap. Surprise !!


Because the weather was so beautiful today, I made the executive decision to sit outside on a bench for a while, which ended up me lying down on the bench, which ended up with me taking a nap outside. Honestly S/O to Arkansas for this weather, except I went to the library around 1 o clock this morning to bust some hangs aka print off a Spanish review, and it started pouring rain so I ran back to my car and slipped and fell. So that happened.

Back to the important stuff: let me set the stage for this nap. I asked my professor’s opinion on whether I should go outside to conduct this valuable nap research or go upstairs to a new room to do my research. He said outside, so outside I went (honestly I think it’s pretty funny that a couple of my professors know about this and give me couch recommendations, I feel like I’m really succeeding at this whole college thing). I chit chatted a bit with a friend while sizing up the different benches on the lawn. I went to one in the shade of a pretty tree for a short but solid 22 minute snooze and these are my thoughts and feelings:

  • Overall Comfiness: 5/10 (i mean it’s a wooden bench and i forgot to bring my travel pillow)
  • Cushion Quality: NA (once again…wooden bench….)
  • Atmosphere of the Room aka the outdoors: 10/10 (beautiful weather and i felt like there weren’t a lot of people, probably because they were in class. the only downside was that there were lawnmowers going, but not enough of a downside to dock a point, ya feel?)
  • The “it” Factor: definitely the fact that at this time someone blew something up in the chemistry building so there were fire trucks close by. honestly, it didn’t really affect my nap but i thought i’d mention it anyways
  • Pillows: NA (unless you count happiness as a pillow, then 10/10)
  • Width: 7/10 (pretty narrow but not terrible)
  • Quality of the Nap: 8/10 (though not the most comfortable, the other factors resulted in a pretty solid nap)
  • Further Recommendations: a snack table. or a treehouse, either will do but both would be ideal.



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