Old Main, 5th Floor, in the hallway

For my second couch review, I chose to take a nap in Old Main, the oldest building on campus. Just a precursor, this nap kind of just happened, it wasn’t reallllyyyyy planned, but sometimes those are the best kinds of naps, right?32d5dd714cb7a45a660f8ef172e7a72a

OK, so first off, I had to walk up 5 FLIGHTS OF STAIRS in order to get to this couch, because I got kicked out of the room I was originally going to take a nap in. Now, I know I  could’ve taken the elevator, but then I would not have gotten the full experience of Old Main. So after I got asked to leave the other room, I walked down the hall and my eyes found a majestic couch, all by itself. I sat on this couch and then all of a sudden I had taken a 30 minute nap. Amidst my post-nap confusion (which is a REAL thing), I provide my fans with this review:

  • Overal Comfiness: 7/10
  • Cushion Quality: 7.5/10
  • Atmosphere of the Room: 8/10 (classic old main vibes)
  • The “it” Factor: secret stairwell (which I will explore) and nice plants on the side table
  • Pillows: there were none :/
  • Width: definitely should be a little wider, I almost fell off once
  • Quality of the Nap: 7.8/10
  • Further Recommendations: different couch pattern and no more musty smell (plz)

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