Gearhart Hall, 130, Honors College Lounge

For my first documented* couch review, I chose to take a nap in the Honors College Lounge, which has a truly phenomenal couch selection.1920px-Ozark_Hall_addition

I walked into the first floor lounge and saw an open couch towards my left along the back wall and knew immediately that that couch was for me. Tears welled up in my eyes as I thought about the beautiful nap that I was about to take, and I held back a laugh as I realized that I am the most ridiculous human being that I have ever met. I walked over to my soon-to-be favorite couch and took a flying leap onto the sofa, completely disregarding social norms concerning acceptable behavior in a study lounge.

Now, I generally try to take 30 minute to an hour naps on campus so that I can experience the fullness of a good nap and then provide an accurate review for all my friends and fans. I achieved this and took about a 47 minute nap, allowing me to give the following in depth review of this couch.

  • Overall Comfiness: 9/10
  • Cushion Quality: 10/10
  • Atmosphere of the Room: 6/10 (too quiet, too many honors students studying)
  • The “it” Factor: BEST CUSHIONS EVER
  • Pillows: there were none :/
  • Width: perfect for curling up with a good book
  • Quality of the Nap: 9/10
  • Further Recommendations: pillows AND a blanket



*Let it be known I have taken a LOT of naps on campus, but this is my first one where I rate the couch upon which I took the nap


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