Here’s The Scoop


Nap- verb \ \ˈnap\–to sleep briefly especially during the day, doze

Couch- noun | \ˈkau̇ch\–an article of furniture for sitting or reclining

Hello, and welcome to my blog/vlog. I am here to help cultivate a culture of napping and relaxation. Here’s what this is all about: I am going to be taking naps on as many couches as possible on campus here at the University of Arkansas and then rating the couches accordingly. There are several criteria that I will be evaluating, such as overall comfiness, cushion quality, atmosphere of the room, and the “it” factor. Man, what a time to be alive, am I right?! These reviews will exponentially increase the quality of your naps on campus because you will know which couches are good for naps and which couches are a no-go for your napping needs.

Maddie, what are you doing? Many people have asked me this, and the answer, quite frankly, is that I have absolutely no idea. Let’s go on an adventure.


1. I have just recently discovered I am partially color blind

2. I don’t really know how to rollerblade

3. I have eaten Alpaca (it was yummy)

4. I fall down the stairs QUITE often

5. I love to prank